About Our Products

We use the finest essential oils and fragrances we can get from around the world. We aim for high quality at affordable prices. Certain scents, including most florals are available only as synthetics. Others are available as natural "absolutes" but these are usually very costly, i.e. Rose or Jasmine. For these we quality blends that are as natural as possible, and still affordable. Wear the oils as perfumes, use them on light bulb rings, in the bath, or to scent candles. Remember they are concentrated - a little goes a long way.

Our incense powders are made from powdered tree resins, woods, herbs, flowers, and oils. The incenses will burn with or without incense charcoals, or can be used in a potpourri pot over a candle. Our recipes are based on mythology and medieval folklore. All are blended on the correct day of the week during the appropriate phase of the moon for the best energy.

Incense sticks are hand-dipped. They are available in any scent we have with a minimum order of 100. Standard stock incense are available in packages of 12 (please see list).

We offer 2 styles of incense holders for the sticks. One is a flat wooden holder that holds an incense stick and catches the falling ash. The second kind is the incense smoking bottle, a bottle where the incense stick is burned inside the bottle catching all the ashes in the bottom of the bottle.

Aroma Jewelry is a great way to carry your favorite scent with you. Wear them or hang one in a sunny window. Available in 1/2 dram and 1/4 dram sizes. "Wire Wrapped"- Available in brass, copper, or sterling silver, plain or with assorted charms.
"Star Wrapped" - Wrapped with brass or sterling silver wire, and tumbled gemstone nuggets and assorted charms.
Charms available include moons, stars, gypsy bells, dragons, unicorns, ankhs, swords, angels, cats, wolves, and astrological and planetary symbols. Stones available include amber, amythest, garnet, hematite, lapis lazuli, malachite, obsidian, sodalite, quartz, and tigereye.
"Leather Wrapped" - Covered in your choice of black, brown, natural forest green, red, dark blue, or burgundy leather. Plain or decorated with beads, stones, assorted charms or "eyes".

We recommend keeping all our oil and incense products out of the hands of children.